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Anodyne - Eases pain.
Anthelmintic - Expels or destroys intestinal worms.
Antacid - Corrects acid conditions in stomach, blood and bowels.
Antibiotic - Inhibits growth and destroys viruses and bacteria.
Anticatarrhal - Eliminates mucous conditions.
Antiemetic - Relieves stomach sickness; prevents vomiting.
Antipyretic - Reduces fevers also called a refrigerant.
Antilithic - Helps prevent the formation of gravel and stones.
Antiseptic - Prevents the growth of bacteria.
Antispasmodic - Relieves convulsions and cramps.
Aperient - Mild laxative; softens stool without purging.
Aphrodisiac - Corrects impotence; balances sexual powers.
Aromatic - Has fragrant smell; agreeable pungent taste.
Astringent - Increases tissue tone, firmness; contracts tissue.
Cardiac - Increases the power of the heart.
Carminative - Expels gas from the stomach, intestines, and bowels.
Cathartic - Causes rapid evacuation of the bowels.
Cholagogue - Promotes the flow of bile.
Condiment - Used to season foods and increase digestive activity.
Demulcent - Relieves internal inflammation gives protective coating.
Deobstruent - Overcomes obstructions; aperient.
Diaphoretic - Increases perspiration; Stimulating - Neutral Relaxing.
Discutient - Dissolves and removes tumors and abnormal growths.
Diuretic Increases flow of urine; removes water from the body.
Emetic - Induces vomiting.
Emmenagogue - Promotes menstrual flow
Emollient - Applied externally to soften and soothe skin.
Expectorant - Removes mucous from nose, throat, lungs and bronchial passages.
Febrifuge - Reduces fever.
Glactagogue - Promotes secretion of nursing milk.
Hemostatic - Stops internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.
Hepatic - Strengthens, tones and stimulates liver secretions.
Laxative - Promotes bowel action; a mild purgative.
Lithotriptic - Stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system.
Mucilaginous - Soothes inflammation.
Nervine - A tonic to the nervous system.
Nutritive - Supplies substantial nutrients for building and toning.
Opthalmic - Heals diseases of the eye.
Oxytocic - Assists labor and promotes easy childbirth.
Parasiticide - Kills and removes parasites from the skin.
Pectorals - Helps relieve chest and respiratory problems.
Purgative - Causes strong bowel movement.
Rubefacient - Causes redness and increased blood supply to the skin.
Sedative - Reduces excitement and nervous reactions.
Sialagogue - Promotes increased flow of saliva.
Stimulant - Increases energy; quickens actions of the system.
Stomachic - Gives strength and tone to the stomach.
Styptic - Contracts tissues or blood vessels; Checks bleeding.
Tonic - Increases energy and systemic tone through nutrition.
Vermicide - Expels and destroys worms without expulsion from the bowels.
Vermifuge - Expels and destroys worms by expelling from the bowels, heals cuts, burns, and wounds.



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